Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We're Back

I don't know where the last 3 months went...mostly baseball is to blame. But for anyone who really follows my blog - rest assured I haven't gone permanently missing (like some people we know - jyl - not to mention any names). But now that we're not spending every night of the week eating dinner out of a bag, spitting (or swallowing as my little ones do) sunflower seeds, and cheering on our older two ball players - I actually think I miss it! - and I actually have enough time to download pictures off my camera and blog. Because I like to slurp my blog into a book at the end of the year (my version of scrapbooking) I have posted the things we've been up to (besides baseball) in seperate posts. So keep scrolling down a ways! You even have to click "older posts" to get to page 2! And don't worry, I'll post end-of-season baseball pictures shorlty after the end-of-season parties are wrapped up! Now we're enjoying long summer days swimming at grammy's, working in the yard and soaking in summer - until football starts the second week of Aug! Welcome to my world.