Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My turn with the Bag Tag

Warning: View contents at your own risk
Disclaimer: In all honesty, I was tempted to remove a few items...but I didn't.
Well, I guess there were a few gum wrappers and a dusting of crumbs in the bottom of the purse that didn't get included in the picture. But otherwise, here it is:
-digital camera
-cell phone
-travel lotion
-hair gel (for doing little boys hair on the fly)
-red envelope with various gift certificates (I finally decided to
carry them on me so I remember to use them)
-tissues (for ever-runny noses)
-business cards (cool gift from my talented sister-in-law
for my "pseudo-painting business")
-make-up bag (mostly full of every kind of chapstick ever made
- don't ask...I had a "lip problem" for a while)
-breast pad!!
-pacifier (better known as "blue uh-oh"...yes, for Bo)
-yellow toy car
-spider man sunglasses (not mine!)
-library story time schedule
-reading material for "Merina" IUD (whoops - tmi!)
-2 tiny claw clips (to keep me from wanting to shave my hair every day!)
There you have it. Most of my "kid care" stuff is in a seperate diaper bag that I usually leave in the car. I stuff a diaper and wipes into my purse if I don't want to carry both.
Aubrey, Brooke, and it's your turn - let's see it ladies!