Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Lukers

My baby is 1. I can't type much else because I'll start to cry.

His brothers helped him rip into gifts which he of course didn't care as much about as he did the wrapping paper. He clapped for himself and loved all the attention.

And he knew right what to do with that yummy cupcake!
Happy Birthday sweet boy - we are so blessed to have you in our family.

Easter 2010

Papa hands out bags and instructs the kids on the easter egg hunt rules and etiquette
Cole's first find
Bo knew it was a race against the clock...find as many eggs as possible before the bigger kids are allowed to join the hunt. He's pretty proud of this purple one.
General Conference Sunday and Easter all in the same beautiful day. It was simply - lovely.

Derby Night

The annual Cubscout Pinewood Derby is an event that all little boys (and Big boys) look forward to. This was Cade's 2nd year. He knew a little better what to expect and came with a car prepared to win! Here's Cade and his "pit crew" doing a little last minute adjustements.
Cars loaded on the track, ready to race. Cade's is the UofO car in the middle, not the BYU car, much to his parents dismay...some battles are just not worth fighting.

While not the owner of the winning car, this little competetor did well and had fun!

Another good car built and another year of Pinewood Derby down, only 13 more cars to build and 13 more years to enjoy this event!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Fever for Spring Training

What to parents of 5 boys do for a cure from a boring, rainy spring break in Oregon? Fly across the country to Florida to visit family and watch as much Spring Training baseball as possible.

Our starting lineup - at the Portland airport all geared up for a fun trip ahead

Our veteran and our rookie
We arrived in Tampa late at night to hugs, kisses and this amazing welcome basket full of clubhouse collectables.
The boys found piles of toys to open the next morning - it was like Christmas in March!
Tampa Bay Rays lose to the Philadelphia Phillys
Spring Training Game #1
Cade and Ty talk to Colina as he autographys their baseball
Showing off their autographs and enjoying the Florida sunshine

Grandma Debbie and her first-round draft pick
Trying out the zoom on Evan Longoria - Bart accuses me of checking him out! Three days later, he was a triple short of hitting for the cycle and made a diving catch in foul territory right in front of us!
Eat your heart out Phillies...actually they did eat their hearts out of these ballcap-ice cream bowls

NY Yankees beat the Washington Nationals
Spring Training Game #2
A future Yankee looks on at his new favorite team

Grandpa John chills with the boys before opening pitch

When grandparents are around, the spoiling never stops and neither do the ballpark snacks. They ate their weight in hotdogs, cotton candy, and peanuts.

It was an all-star studded lineup for the Yankee team - Jeter and A-Rod, but no Kate Hudson or Madonna sightings.

We even got to see closer Mariano Rivera finish the game.

Not sure about the peace signs, but VERY sure he had a good time!

Luke made sure to get in his sleep - even in the folded position - and managed to pull down Grandmas nearby china collection.

Busch Gardens
Spring break isn't complete without a trip to the amusement park - and this amazing park is full of amusement!

Bart and Cade ascend up the steep climb of the Gwazi roller-coaster
The first pink thing you'll find our boys admiring - flamingos

Cade and Ty and Cole (a rookie to rides) join Bart on the log plume ride
Down they go!
Cole's shrieking is still ringing in our ears. Bo was glad at this point that he'd chosen to stay out of the fun and just watch.
The favorite part of the day - the tree top trials in Jungala.
I zoomed in on this bunch of monkeys way up there

Luke enjoyed watching all the animals and excitement as well as the back of his eyelids - He was a real trooper throughout the day and we were able to stay longer than we ever imagined we would.

Cade takes Cole for a flight that's more this 2yr old's style of ride
But then it's on to another roller-coaster.
This time the little boys watch while Cade and Mandy experience the sting of the Scorpion.

Cole catches a nap inbetween animals and attractions

Luke soaking his tired feet

While Bart and Grandpa took the 3 oldest boys to a third Tampa Bay game I stayed back to help my amazingly talented mother and sister-in-laws prepare wedding flowers for a job the next day. Well, I "helped" watch kids at least and did a lot of watching and learning

The week flew by and it was time to get geared up the to fly home.

Luke plays on the flight toys at the Tampa airport before take-off...if only this cute smile could last for a cross-country flight.
A bunch of baseball, a little relaxing and whole lot of fun add up to one excellent spring break for this team!

Un-Caging the Animals

On a rare un-scheduled, sunny Saturday in February between basketball and baseball seasons we took our animals to see the animals. It was Bart's first time to the Oregon Zoo - it was hard for him to control his excitment.

Ty and Bo in the Eagle's nest - we told them to get practiced up for when they are in their Eagle Scout nest! Always a teaching moment around here!

A little rat escaped his cage!

The glare off of this bald dad's head is obsuring the photo of the bald eagle behind him

At the elephant look-out. Bart especially loved the smells

Our littlest animal is pooped after a fun day.