Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, what a pain!

So I get it now...when you tweak your back you have to take it easy for a while if you don't want to really go down for the count. But what is a mom of 4 boys, with a yard that needs weeding, a trampoline that needs to be set up and moved 4 times because of crabby neighbors, a bathroom that needs to be painted and plastered, a race this summer to train for and a baseball party that needs to be hosted to do? Now I'm paying for it and oh, what a pain! I have been forced out of commission and put on "light duty" by my boys and loving mother until I can get healed up. I've never had back problems before (even through all my years of gymnastics) and yikes, does it stink! Physical therapy starts Thursday and with a little more time this sacral/ileac joint dysfunction will be a fleeting memory I hope. Until then, I have all this time to rest and think up more projects and things to add to my "to-do" list - to do with patience and caution of course.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Open Wide

It seems hard to believe that it's already
that time...time for solid foods for Cole.
We tried out rice cereal this past week.
After only a few bites, he caught right on
was opening wide for more.

I couldn't stop for a picture until lunch was
about done since he would cry when the
spoonfuls where to infrequent. Once he had
a full tummy, he was ready to show off
his messy smile.

What's for dinner?

Happy 6th Birthday Ty

Tyler celebrated his 6th Birthday at Bullwinkles
Family Fun Center with cousins and friends. Tyler
is our social goofball. He loves to be silly and make
people laugh. He is so thoughtful of others and truly
values people and relationships. He had so much
fun being the "Birthday Boy" and having his best-loved
people party with him. Friends, Pizza, Sundaes,
Presents, what more could a 6 yr old boy ask for?

I loved having 9 kids come, play, eat and then
leave the mess to the friendly staff to return to a quiet,
clean house for a relaxing evening. Since Ty and I share
a birthday, this is how I treat myself! Happy Birthday to me!

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Triathletes Big and Little

Bart finished his 3rd sprint triathalon over Memorial
Day Weekend. He doesn't have the time to train as
much anymore, and the swim and bike were much longer
and harder in this race, but he pulled out a 1st place
win for his division - would we expect anything less
of this ultra competetor?! Go Dad!

Caden got in on the fun and entered the IronKids race.
Can you pick him out in the picture above? He's the
shrimpy, skinny one in the middle!
We didn't help him prepare enough for the swim, but we
were so proud, he never gave up...and better yet, he made
up so much time on the bike and run that he finished 4th
overall! His father's competetive gene definitely found it's
way to him. He had a lot of fun and wrote about it in his
school journal saying "I loved it!" A funny sidenote - He
insisted on wearing shorts to school the next day and I kept
telling him I thought it was too cold, but he was persistent.
I soon understood why wearing shorts was so important, when
I noticed him during breakfast looking down at his calves
(which still had his race numbers written on them) to make sure
the evidence of his race and "coolness" was going to be visible
for his classmates at school! What a kid!

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