Monday, February 9, 2009

A Room for Champions

Most of you probably don't know that I like to pretend I'm an artist and do a little painting now and again. But some do and have been asking when I was going to get around to posting pictures of my newest project. Especially since I have had a side bar list of "Things I Love" on my blog for the past year and a half with the statement "-painting murals, newest one coming soon". Not too "soon", but better late than never. This hasn't been my only project, but it is the most recent. With limited space and a new baby boy due in a short while, we have been switching around sleeping arrangements. Our playroom now has more purpose (as it is Cade and Ty's bedroom as well) and it also got this football stadium face-lift to make the transition all the more fun. The room already had different blocked out areas, so this back block became the beds/desk space. The desk cabinet is made of 2 throw-out filing cabinets that I spraypainted and the desk top is a solid core door turned on it's side. Bart secured it all together and bracketed it to the wall, I threw in a couple IKEA chairs and lamps - and!

A view of each of their "sides" - I'm sure I'll walk in some day to see a chalk line down the middle of the room where each other is not allowed to cross!

Close-up of the crowd (yes, it took a while. Especially since I only get a chance to work on it an hour or two at time.) The black areas of the scoreboard are chalkboard paint, so the boys can easily change it when they like.

There's still an area for the "upstairs toys", a long hall way perfect for practicting jump shots and field goals, and their new make-shift closet area thats awaiting some finishing touches.

Well, the crowd painted on the wall may be cheering, but what do you think? Really, it was a lot of fun to do and the boys think it's great - so, I guess that makes it a score for the home team!

Here's a few quick shots (might I add, very unprofessional shots - I'm more of a painter than a photographer, that's for sure) of the "locker room"(bathroom) that I did a long time ago.

As you can see, it's still not finished. Poor Cole, his locker is going to be soccer gear. I guess it's a good thing after all since I have to figure out how I'm going to add a 5th locker now anyways!

I promise these are the only rooms in my house done in sports! But when you have a house full of boys, it just works.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everyone Needs a Get-A-Way

It's true - It really doesn't matter when or where, sometimes you just need a Get-A-Way. And for Bart and I this past weekend, our old stomping grounds of college years in Provo, Utah did the trick. While far from exotic or original, we had a wonderful time visiting family, old friends and fond, familiar memories. With our 10 year anniversary just a couple of months away - and Provo being the place that Bart and I started this wild ride togheter - it seemed all the more fitting. It always takes a little juggling to leave the kids, but with Bart's truly wonderful parents who came all the way from Florida to stay with our kids for part of the time, and my amazing and always willing parents who handled the 2nd half - we went "kidless".
Being in an airport and on a flight without packing and hauling 4 energetic boys was relaxing enough, I could have called it a "vacation" right there. Good meals out, always leaving room for dessert, watching movies, & shopping for unessentials were just the icing on the cake! My sister and her husband let us stay with them in their darling college condo, which is always a blast. We also fit in time to visit old friends, catch a BYU basketball game, meander through the bookstore, and reminisce about how simple life was 10 years ago. One of our favorite memory-lane experiences was going with my sister and her hubby to church on Sunday in the exact same builing and BYU Married Student Ward we attended while finishing up school. Bart and I kept asking ourselves - "where did the time go?" While Bart guest lectured at BYU, and then had a business meeting, I finished the trip by enjoying the last day revisiting the amazing sites of Temple Square in Salt Lake.
We had so much fun and enjoyed ourselves so much, I forgot to take my camera out of my purse! But even without pictures to prove it, it was a great weekend. Everything a Get-A-Way needs to be. Now I just need to know...

When is the next Get-A-Way I can start looking forward to?!