Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Happenin' Halloween

We asked a family trick-or-treating to our door to get a quick photo of our crew before heading out ourselves. We have a monkey (Cole), a pirate (Bo), Darth Vader (Ty) and a NFL football player (Cade) -- Oh, and a Cute Dad and a pregnant mom!
Bart told everyone all night that he had a "monkey on his back" haha. Cole was a trooper and lasted the whole time. And with older brothers, it was a LONG time out because getting ALL the candy that can fit in your bag is the most important thing. The funny thing is that they never even eat half of it - the pursuit is better than the product I guess! (Their mom, unfortunately eats the other half that they leave behind...tell me you do it too! Someday I'll get the willpower to throw it away - it isn't worth the extra calories, especially going into the rest of the Holiday season.)
We met up with our cousins, Cinderella (Olivia) and the skeleton (Xander) for the last part of the night. They came back to our house for doughnuts and cider to wrap up the fun night. A very Happy Halloween.
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Doughnut Time

One of the Dickson household's favorite part of Halloween is our tradition for making doughnuts. We get them all fried up, then come home from Trick-or-Treating for fresh, homemade doughnuts and apple cider. I think it is about our 5th year and the doughnuts seem to get better and better with each passing Halloween.
The boys all supervise and help me know the perfect time to "flip"

Caden watches over the serving plate, making sure we have even number of each variety.

Cole wants in on the action too - I'm not sure what Bo is doing here.

The finished product, waiting for worn-out and hungry trick-or-treaters to return.
Krispy Kreme has nothing on us!
P.S. Haley - this year was even better than last...would you please come join us for some Halloween soon so you can test for yourself?