Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Never Ending Baseball Season...

...has come to an end in a BIG way! These little sluggers won 2nd Place in the Midget National State Championship!! Caden's and his team lost the first game of the State tournament and then continued to play their hearts out, grinding, battling and fighting their way through the entire losers bracket into the championship game - although they didn't come out on top in the standings, these little players showed a lot of heart and to us, they are CHAMPIONS!
The team celebrates their victory. They also won the tournament sportsmanship award - Go wolves!
The tournament took place in Eugene, OR (2 hours away). Bart made arrangements for he and Cade to stay overnight with friends for the weekend. Initially I thought I would keep posted on the team's success through phone calls and texts from Bart and maybe find a way to hit a game or two. But when the start of the tournament came, I just couldn't gut it out - I realized just how deep my love for my boys and sports (the combo is the best) runs through me. I HAD to be there!! (No wonder I was sent 5 boys - I just can't get enough of it!) So, with thanks to a reliable car that withstood a lot of miles put on it, Tom & Jerry movies played in the back of the car to help pass the time, 4 VERY understanding and awesome little brothers that were road-trip troopers, and a WONDERFUL MOM of mine who is so supportive of her grandkids and is such a life-saver to me who came along to every game - we were able to make the drive each day, win after win, to witness the magic and fun of a team of little boys who never gave up and gave a great effort. It sounds dramatic, I know, but you should have been there!

Our slugger was a clutch hitter all season and batted lead-off for his team - nice line drive by #4!

A little pep talk from Coach Mark before an at-bat

Cole didn't even make it to the car to crash - he was so tired after a game.

Caden with his team buddies and their trophy

Experiences like this don't come everyday. I am excited that Caden and his team got to enjoy such a great season and special final weekend. It was a joy for our whole family. Now, on to enjoying the rest of the summer, without practices and games! A big shout out to my wonderful sister and her kids as well as my amazing Dad who made to long trip to come watch a game as well. I can't imagine life without the love and support of my great family.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celebratin' the Red, White and Blue

Red juicy watermelon, sunburned faces, sparklers, ketchup on BBQed hotdogs
White cool whipped cream on berries, flashes of fireworks, smeared sunscreen
Blue clear skies, popsicle lips, and sweet blueberries

...all things that help make the Fourth of July one of our family's favorite holidays. This year's celebration started at the church for a yummy breakfast with ward friends.

The church breakfast traditionally includes a bike parade for the kids - with lots of reminders from the parents that it is NOT a race! Bo made it half way around the parking lot and announced that he "won" while the oldest two, Cade and Ty never did stop circling the route until it was time to leave.

Next activity on the holiday schedule - Neighborhood parade! This is one done up right, with the fire and police departments, hot rod cars, the Bridgeport Bulldog (our kids elementary school mascot), stilts, scooters, golf carts, stroller and LOTS and LOTS of bikes. Our kids rode their bikes up to the starting point ahead of us to make sure they got to the front of the bike line, right behind the banner.

Luke enjoyed the parade from inside the shaded stroller.

Cole is thrilled to exhibit his Red, White and Blue (even the binky coordinated) - can't you tell!

Then off the grandma and grandpa's pool for an evening swim and BBQ with good friends.
Finally, the fireworks!
Always a "BLAST" for boys and a great way to end a long, hot, fun day of celebrating family, friends and our FREEDOM!
Happy Birthday America!