Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here Comes Summer!

Let the smiles and suntans begin!

Little Slugger

Tyler finished his 2009 baseball season batting in the top of the lineup, crushing hits and making great plays. It is always fun to see how far along these little guys come in a season. Of course, as it always is with whatever sport he is currently playing - baseball is his FAVORITE!

Tyler, being a younger (6 yr old) first grader was one of the youngest on his team, but towards the end the season, his batting was one of the strongest! We were proud of how hard he worked.

The end-of-season party, which is one of the favorite parts of playing on a sports team was at Roundtable pizza. The boys each got recognized and recieved their trophy - the other favorite part of playing on a sports team. One more silly statue to add to the already large collection. We'll have to buy a storage unit for all of them by the time Luke is done playing!