Sunday, November 18, 2007


Fall time means fun...with leaves. And our new (20 year old) home in a classic american tree-spotted suburb has lots of them coming down day after day. Who says Saturday work days are a drag? This crew will have you raked up in no time!

Soccer Studs

Tyler's first year on a soccer team!
Although most games
were more comical than competetive, we were impressed
with the speed and big foot of our rookie star. Snacks afterwards are still the highlight of the sport at this age. Great year Yodas!

For Caden's 2nd year of soccer, it was all about the score and winning. Even though they technically never kept the score of games, you better believe he knew EXACTLY how many goals were score and who won each weekend. The hardest part for him was having to be benched now and again because he couldn't help but shooting goals and running the score up on the other team! The Golden Knight/Mud Hogs (name changed depending on the weather) were hard to beat with our little lighting foot that plays every position at all times! Go Caden!

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Happy Halloween!

Bo the Lion and Contruction Worker Daddy at the ward Trunk-or-treat activity. Can you tell what Bo is excited about?

All the cousins ready for trick-or-treating. Sketleton - Drew (2 1/2), Raphael Ninja Turtle - Tyler (5), Leonardo Ninja Turtle - Caden (7), Princess - Madison (5), Flower - Brinley (1), and Lion - Bo (2)...What a frieghtful bunch!!

Caden as Leonardo Ninja Turle...remember when mom got to choose the cute little costume the kids would wear for Halloween...yeah, those days are long gone for this boy...but having fun is all that matters!

Bo's favorite part of Halloween night was coming home for homemade doughnuts, cider and best of all the carmel apples.

It was a SWEET Halloween indeed.

Our little Pumpkins!

Showing off the "less-than-creative" carvings. ALL our little jack-o-lanterns!!

The traditional Family Home Evening activity Monday before Halloween - pumpkin carving! The boys were a little dissapointed in mom who didn't go out and get a HUGE pumpkin for every family member to carve...instead we used the 2 free ones we got from Tyler's Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Field Trip. But regardless, ALL our little jack-o-lanterns turned out great!

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