Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cole performs "The Trick"

Bart always anxiously anticipates the day that our babies can do the stand up "trick". Cole rivals Caden at being the youngest of our boys (only 3 months old) to perform it. He is not a pro yet, but with a little more practice, he'll be doing it well and Bart will be up to old antics of showing him off this way to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE!

Our Spring Break was Winter Wonderful!

I wasn't up for staying at home pent up inside for another year during a rainy week of spring break. So even though Bart couldn't miss the whole week of work...the boys and I packed up and headed off to our favorite place - Grammy and Papa's Black Butte house. My mom and sister (plus her crew) joined us the first part of the week and then Bart met up with us for the last part of the week. It was a cold and snowy good time!
Snow, snow and more snow. There was some left over when we arrived from past storms. Then we got more each day. Over 10 inches fell on Friday morning alone. The boys were loving it. Drew and Caden's carefully built an Ewok-looking snowman.
It became the karate chopping block later that afternoon.

Bo's favorite activity was playing tennis...in the garage! Not quite tennis weather but he found a "dry court"

Our new Black Butte tradition each time we go is to roast a meal in the fireplace. This time it was a wienie roast with marshmallows for lunch one afternoon.

Happy Easter

Lookin dapper in their Easter clothes
Sweeter than 4 chocolate bunnies!
Who wants to hunt for eggs? Bo and Brinley "hid" themselves in this plastic bin.
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