Sunday, June 5, 2011

Take Me Somewhere Fun

It's what his shirt says! And what every little kid wants EVERYDAY. Yesterday, this mom and dad decided to go along with it...

How does going to a brand-new building with a 747 on top with water slides coming out of it, known as the Evergreen Wings and Waves Indoor Water park, the day before it opens to the public sound? LIKE FUN FUN FUN!

And even better, it was FREE. Bart's company built this water park in McMinnville that opens this week! So as a thank-you to the company, Evergreen held a special event for Hoffman families to come "test" it out before opening to the public. Employees and their families had the entire park to ourselves along with unlimited food from the cafe from 2-8pm yesterday.

The airplane in the picture was literally flown to Evergreen's landing strip before 3 cranes hoisted atop a structure that would be built into a one-of-a-kind water park where 4 giant slides start from inside the airplane! You have to see it to believe it and slide down yourself to enjoy the thrill!

The littles enjoyed the kiddie section that was all done up "air-style"

A shot of Cade flying out of the Mach1 slide...

grabbing a tube and getting ready to go back up for more

This giant helicopter rested way up above the "wooded" play area and filled a huge pail of water...which dumped ferociously on all the unexpecting children below ...or on those, like Ty who discovered its timing and waited below for it to fill and feel the downpour

And Luke loved to sit in the nearby lounge chair and laugh at kids getting dumped on!

Everyone was water-logged and exhausted and all smiles as we left - well, except Bo in this picture who was unhappy that he couldn't have another hot dog before leaving - it was definitely SOMEWHERE FUN! You'll have to go try it out if you live close. Or come visit and we'll take you. And it's indoors, so it's open year round! A fabulous family day. Thanks Evergreen. I'm sure we'll be back!


Tyler loves sharing a party with his mom :)
Good thing he got his own too. He partied in the "fast lane" with some bowling and pizza for his 9th birthday. Scheduling his party around Memorial Day weekend is always tricky, but he has some great friends who were sure to be there and made it a fun celebration.

The Birthday Boy

One of Tyler's best gifts is being a good friend. He is such a kind and thoughtful kid. This year he had a speech to write and give for school on "How to Make and Keep a Friend" and he confidently told me - "I don't need much help on this one mom, I know this well."

They came, they bowled, they ate pizza and brownie sundaes, they made a mess, they got hyper and they were picked up by their parents - the mess was left behind! My kind of birthday party. Like I always say, this is my way of saying "Happy Birthday to ME"!

Easter 2011

I realized that in my last session of mass-posting, I left out Easter pictures. I wish there was a way to edit the order of your blog posts. I guess it really doesn't matter, only to "obsessive-me" who now has to be bothered that the posts aren't truly chronological. Regardless, we had a wonderful Easter and some really handsome boys that should get posted about, out-of-order or not. Easter is one of those really special holidays, the only "Sunday" holiday, that seems to hold it's meaning and purpose. Sure, we do the candy and egg hunts that the kids love - but I love that my kids seem to truly understand the reason we celebrate. Bo brought home an Easter lesson from preschool the previous week and was so excited to share it with all of his. He did an amazing job of describing the events around the crusifixion and ressurection. We watched "He is Risen" and I showed the kids my pictures of the garden tomb and holy lands from when I went to Jerusalem with my family as a teenager. The loved seeing the pictures and had a lot of questions. It was just an enjoyable, wonderful, peaceful day. And, any Sunday where we get to have our Dad home more is great.
It took some coaxing to get Luke to put down his plastic Egg for a picture...

Finally, the egg is out of the mouth, but a goofy smile replaced it!

Easter basket time. Bo is so easy to buy little gifts for. He loves knights, and dragons and any cool "boyish" figurine...and he is always thrilled with the simplest things.

Luke just wants to the candy of course...

Easter evening up at Grammy and Papa's.

The weather never seems to work out here in Oregon for outdoor egg hunts, but Grammy doesn't let that get in the way...the entire basement is turned into the hunting grounds for her grandkids. Here, the boys have their bags and ready to go.

Cole and Luke find some eggs in Papa's den.

The cousins sang their Primary Easter songs they learned and then tried to hold still for a photo. Talented Grammy made all the girl's dresses!