Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Ty

Tyler celebrated his 6th Birthday at Bullwinkles
Family Fun Center with cousins and friends. Tyler
is our social goofball. He loves to be silly and make
people laugh. He is so thoughtful of others and truly
values people and relationships. He had so much
fun being the "Birthday Boy" and having his best-loved
people party with him. Friends, Pizza, Sundaes,
Presents, what more could a 6 yr old boy ask for?

I loved having 9 kids come, play, eat and then
leave the mess to the friendly staff to return to a quiet,
clean house for a relaxing evening. Since Ty and I share
a birthday, this is how I treat myself! Happy Birthday to me!

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Leah said...

Good move about having the party somewhere else other than your house! Looks like Ty shares your birthday and I think Caden shares one with me (Sept.5). :)

Shana said...

Happy Birthday TY TY!!! Hope you had a good time. And Happy Birthday again to you too Mandy...You are so old. hee hee

Holly or James said...

I never knew you guys had the same birthday! WOW! I thought it was crazy that Caleb and I had our birthdays 2 days apart. (: Happy Birthday to both of you!