Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Happenin' Halloween

We asked a family trick-or-treating to our door to get a quick photo of our crew before heading out ourselves. We have a monkey (Cole), a pirate (Bo), Darth Vader (Ty) and a NFL football player (Cade) -- Oh, and a Cute Dad and a pregnant mom!
Bart told everyone all night that he had a "monkey on his back" haha. Cole was a trooper and lasted the whole time. And with older brothers, it was a LONG time out because getting ALL the candy that can fit in your bag is the most important thing. The funny thing is that they never even eat half of it - the pursuit is better than the product I guess! (Their mom, unfortunately eats the other half that they leave behind...tell me you do it too! Someday I'll get the willpower to throw it away - it isn't worth the extra calories, especially going into the rest of the Holiday season.)
We met up with our cousins, Cinderella (Olivia) and the skeleton (Xander) for the last part of the night. They came back to our house for doughnuts and cider to wrap up the fun night. A very Happy Halloween.
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Coordination Queen said...

What a cute family! And I totally eat the candy too.

Jodi Simon said...

I love it. How cute. It is a pleasure your other family is here for us to meet. I didn't have any candy this year, and that is NOT the way to go. You can hear it in my halloween bahumbug post. I am sure candy makes it better!!! Eat away and be happy.

Chelly said...

Your family is so dang cute Mandy! And of course...we all eat the candy too! :o) Unfortunately, we now have a chocoholic child (usually they go for the sugar junk stuff) but Zachary only wants the chocolate so I now have competition. *glares defiantly at child* hmmmmm...good thing I can reach the trick or treat bucket up on the top of the fridge and he can't! heee heee...*rubs hands together* it's gooood to be the one in charge! muah ahaha haaaa!

Ashleigh said...


It was so good to talk to you the other day! I love keeping up with your through your blog and seeing cute moments like this halloween. So, I am offial now and have my own, so hopefully you will enjoy seeing us as much as I enjoy your cute cute cute kids!