Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A True Act of Love

Our kids recieved the truest display of love and affection from us for Valentines Day this year...we took then to spend the afternoon at Bullwinkles Family Fun Center. It is one of Bart's least favorite places to go with the boys - and it was even his idea...a father that TRULY loves his kids! So along with every other person who loves crowds and wasting unlimited amounts of money on tokens and games, we spent the day playing mini golf, climbing through kidopolis and putting endless tokens in arcades hoping to win more junk! But we did it TOGETHER! And the boys loved it. Even if we left with half of them crying from being over-tired, crashed from their sugar high and wanting to play "just one more time". After 8 years of parenting we don't let that kind of ending get us down! Smiles or not at the end - it was a Happy Valentines Day!The greatest part of Valentines Day was the evening when we got our babysitter and Bart and I enjoyed our night out - alone. I'm not hard to please, and usually far too practical for elaborate plans or gifts, but Bart suprised me by having my wedding ring reset in a beautiful new band - What a guy!

I truly love all my guys - on Valentines Day and every other!


Leah said...

Sounds like a great day! And, yes, you both need a big high 5 for getting through the day at the fun center. Yikes!

What a fun surprise with a new ring!

Holly or James said...

How sweet of you guys to have a Valentine's day with your kids. I did the same thing since James was busy studying for the Utah bar that day. It was actually one of my best Valentine's days ever!

So sweet of Bart to think of updating your wedding ring!