Monday, April 13, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Caden's first Pinewood Derby was on March 31st. Shame on mom for not getting a close-up picture of him with his car, but after the weigh-in, there are rules, like -NO TOUCHING THE CARS! I learned quickly this was serious business. His yellow hot rod did well, winning several races and getting him into the quaterfinals. He had a lot of fun with his cubscout buddies and won the award for "car with the best use of yellow".

Cade waits with excitement as his car (middle lane of the track) is on deck to race next.
Pinewood derby is a great cubscout tradition that our family will be enjoying for MANY years to come. Bart and I realized that this is the first of 15 derby cars that will be made at our house over the years. Some things are just better not thought about too much!! :)


Coordination Queen said...

LOL! 15 derby cars?!?!?! Wow. The EQ in our ward does a pinewood derby every year. Last year Jake made his with a pocket knife... he's going to have to figure this out before Aiden gets a little older.