Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby Shower or Bust

My sister Haley is a smart cookie, so to surprise her by showing up to her baby shower in Utah was no easy task. After weeks of anticipating our trip and a heavy stream of lies to keep it under wraps, my mom, sister Jyl, and neice Madison fulfilled our secret mission. It was a fabulous girls day (plus little Luke of course) and worth the hard work! We left the hubbies and other kiddies back at home. Papa was so generous to let us use miles on his charter plane - so we flew out early on Sat morning, May 16th - just us girls on a private jet - right in to Provo, Utah to an unexpectant Haley.

Photo shot mid-flight. All smiles for the fun day ahead and all the ease of flying non-commercial.

Madi was loving being one of the "big-girls" for the day and Luke was content to just sleep on his first airplane trip.
Here cute Grammy is on the airphone trying to make sure that our little white lies were still holding up.

Madison got her first flight lesson from our friendly pilot. She had the plane all in her control for several minutes! All aboard knew by the dips and rocking that took place - luckily no one got too sick!

Outside the Provo airport with our little pregnant sis. We managed to pull off the mission perfectly and Haley was completely surprised. We spent the day stopping at "girly" shops, eating yummy meals and enjoying the day together.
Haley's shower was lots of fun and we loved spoiling her and her little-guy-on-the-way. At the end of the day, we hopped back on the plane and headed home. It was a full trip to fit in one day, but there's nothing like your first baby shower, and we wouldn't have missed Haley's for anything!


Sotutus said...

Haley must have felt so loved!! What an amazing family you are!

Andrew and Haley said...

Such a fun day!! Thanks for surprising me and putting your personal salvation on the line for me! ;) I really do have the best fam in the world!