Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celebratin' the Red, White and Blue

Red juicy watermelon, sunburned faces, sparklers, ketchup on BBQed hotdogs
White cool whipped cream on berries, flashes of fireworks, smeared sunscreen
Blue clear skies, popsicle lips, and sweet blueberries

...all things that help make the Fourth of July one of our family's favorite holidays. This year's celebration started at the church for a yummy breakfast with ward friends.

The church breakfast traditionally includes a bike parade for the kids - with lots of reminders from the parents that it is NOT a race! Bo made it half way around the parking lot and announced that he "won" while the oldest two, Cade and Ty never did stop circling the route until it was time to leave.

Next activity on the holiday schedule - Neighborhood parade! This is one done up right, with the fire and police departments, hot rod cars, the Bridgeport Bulldog (our kids elementary school mascot), stilts, scooters, golf carts, stroller and LOTS and LOTS of bikes. Our kids rode their bikes up to the starting point ahead of us to make sure they got to the front of the bike line, right behind the banner.

Luke enjoyed the parade from inside the shaded stroller.

Cole is thrilled to exhibit his Red, White and Blue (even the binky coordinated) - can't you tell!

Then off the grandma and grandpa's pool for an evening swim and BBQ with good friends.
Finally, the fireworks!
Always a "BLAST" for boys and a great way to end a long, hot, fun day of celebrating family, friends and our FREEDOM!
Happy Birthday America!


Jodi Simon said...

That is great stuff. All so blessed!