Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Happy 10th Anniversary

I knew 10 years I ago I was doing a good thing to marry my best friend...I just didn't know HOW good! Bart and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last week. While we had to delay any plans for an "elaborate" celebration since we had a 1 week-old baby, we enjoyed a quiet lunch date and a chance to reminisce about our fun, fabulous, busy, and memorable 10 years together. I can honestly say that in these years together, I admire and adore Bart 10 times more. I am 10 times a better person because of him. My life is 10 times more blessed. And I love him 100 times more!

Thank you Babe for 10 great years. I just can't imagine how the next 10 could get any better - but, with you, I'll bet it will! Thanks for "asking" 10 years ago...I'm glad I said yes :).

Luke's first 2 weeks

Luke is 2 weeks old, and according to his doctor's appointment today, already a pound heavier and an inch taller! Time is flying by so fast. It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home. But at the same time, we already can't imagine life without this little guy.

Some highlights from Luke's first 2 weeks include attending 3 baseball games (the first one at only 4 days old), helping dad break in his new car, and tagging along on mom and dad's 10th anniversary date! Luke is a bright-eyed, alert little guy who likes to have his hands up by his face, he likes to cock his head back when he is held, and he could probably beat out a grown man in a "loudest burp" contest.

Luke has graduated from sponge baths to "real" baths...although as you can see, he's not too sure about this first one in the kitchen sink!
We think Luke is probably just glad he survived his first 2 weeks with some of the craziness at our house.
Bo found some "earbones" (headphones) and figured out how to use the i-pod. And like any good brother, he remembered to share! Luckily Bo also remembered to turn down the volume "nice and soft" for his little buddy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Luke

Our new little guy arrived just perfectly on Tuesday, April 14th at 11:18am. He worked up a huge burp only minutes after his arrival, making it perfectly clear that we indeed had yet another BOY! He is healthy and as cute as could be. We are so glad he is here and love him to death already.

So happy to be loving our Little Luke here, and no longer inside me!

Our tribe of five!
Cade and Ty show off their newest little brother

Bo, so proud of himself and his new little buddy.

Ready to go home!

After a couple of peaceful nights in the hospital, me and Luke braved the quest of coming home! We are all doing well, thanks to the endless and amazing help of my dear mother. Luke is a great eater and hopefully becoming a better sleeper :). We feel so blessed and lucky to have this new sweet little guy in our family. While life doesn't seem to slow down an ounce anymore for a new baby, we are reminding ourselves daily to stop and take all these precious moments in. A new baby fills a home with love and we can't imagine anything better.

Monday, April 13, 2009

In case you were feeling fat today...

This should help you feel better!

My round belly at the beginning of week 39!

I haven't been recording the growth of this pregnancy with pictures, but any belly this laughably big in the end deserves to be documented. Only 2 days left now of pregnancy number 5 - he'll either come on his own by Wed, April 15th or we'll give him a little help! Can't wait to love on this little guy.

Pinewood Derby

Caden's first Pinewood Derby was on March 31st. Shame on mom for not getting a close-up picture of him with his car, but after the weigh-in, there are rules, like -NO TOUCHING THE CARS! I learned quickly this was serious business. His yellow hot rod did well, winning several races and getting him into the quaterfinals. He had a lot of fun with his cubscout buddies and won the award for "car with the best use of yellow".

Cade waits with excitement as his car (middle lane of the track) is on deck to race next.
Pinewood derby is a great cubscout tradition that our family will be enjoying for MANY years to come. Bart and I realized that this is the first of 15 derby cars that will be made at our house over the years. Some things are just better not thought about too much!! :)

Don't feed the Caged Animals

Oh, the toys and games that boys can come up with! A few weekends ago, I noticed Cade and Bo had been out in the backyard for quite a while, and without reports of I checked it out. Caden had built a marshmallow gun out of PVC pipe with a friend the day before and was shooting mini marshmallows to Bo who was jumping on the trampoline attempting to catch them in his mouth. With our trampoline net enclosure, it reminded me of an animal feeding at the zoo!

After Bo started complaining that his tummy hurt and I realized half the bag of marshmallows was gone...I encouraged them to find a new game!

Madness in Portland

We took Cade and Ty and enjoyed a little March Madness with our boys as Portland hosted opening round play of the NCAA basketball tournament at the Rose Garden on March 21st. We saw Purdue beat the University of Washington and an amazing win by Gonzaga over Western Kentucky. Fun times for our sports crazed family!

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