Friday, November 5, 2010

Add football to the list

Anyone who has sons that play football know it is a whole NEW experience from anything else little league. Youth sports are fun, busy and can even get competetive and intense. But football is in it's own world. Caden decided to put soccer aside and wanted to give football a try this year - (we figured it would help us know if it was going to be a sport to add to our year-round variety or if he didn't like it we could weed it out and focus on ALL the others our boys love to play) so we entered the Mafia.

-a chunk of your checkbook,
-your last month of summer vacation (yes, practices for 2 hrs/5 days a week starting Aug 8th and our school doesn't start until the first week of Sept.)
-your time volunteering (EVERYONE must help - there are jobs for all family members)
-your voice (cheering through 2-hour games each Saturday)
-and your nerves (when your boy gets laid out by some defender and stays down for a while).

And you GET:
-fantastic coaches who help your son realize even more talents and new strenghts
-a whole "football family" for the season,
-a lot of fun memories
-an obvious realization that of course your son would love it! And that he's a great little quarterback!

quarterback school - reviewing the plays pre-game

I call this "facing the giants" - we faced some teams a lot bigger than ours - but our Timberwolves were quick and mighty

Cade is burried somewhere deep in the middle of that huddle - stinking cute!
"Set-Hike" - Cade's the "gloved" quarterback with his posse of runningbacks behind him.
The cheering squad - they were true and faithful all season long.
My team job (with the coaxing of my husband) was team sportswriter. I was to write a summary after each game to submit to the local paper. Most moms sign up for helping in the snack shack or something fluffy- but I couldn't imagine missing any games - I wanted a job that allowed me to watch the action on the field (there's a reason I have 5 boys huh? I'm nuts), so this seemed like a good idea. The problem is, I'm not a very good writer - so in return, I coaxed my husband into writing most of the articles. He should thank me - I helped him uncover a hidden talent and help erupt a new secret fantasy of his to be a sports columnist. I wish I could paste the articles' text below so you could get a taste. I am just glad we now have documented colorful commentary to help us remember our fabulous first football season!


Heather K said...

I love how big boy and intense his team is...fits Caden perfectly :) Wish we could have been there to see his mad skills!

Brooke Romney said...

How do you do it? We are crazy with just 2 in sports! I guess I should take a deep breath and dig in. We did flag football and it was great...I'm sure I'm not ready for tackle!

Carrie said...

Mandy-so awesome! You continue to inspire me and give me faith that I can get through the football years. I mean our son was named based on how it would sound over the loud speaker. So in a few years, I may be asking you for advice on how to deal with my son being 'laid out on the field, and not getting up for a bit'. SHUDDER