Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years with Family

We stayed home for most of the Holiday vacation and soaked in some down-time following Christmas. But we decided to finish off by throwing in a little road trip to Tacoma, WA to visit some of Bart's family and ring in the New Year with the Dickson gang.

Our first stop was to Bart's grandparents house. They were happy to see us and always welcome our brood. (The fact that they have a game room with ping-pong and pool in the basement helps to make it a successful visit with kids). Grandma suffers from Alzheimers, but we were happy she seemed to recognize us. We hope our boys get more chances to visit with Grandma while she is still happy and feeling good. But for now we got good quality time and photos with lots of smiles!
Bart with his grandparents - we can see clearly where Bart gets his bald head...errr...good looks!

One of the reasons we made the trip had to do with the coaxing Bart recieved from his cousins to come and help add depth to the Dickson flag football team in the Dickson vs Dyer (long-time family friends) first annual New Years Day bowl. So New Years day started with a frosty field and a football game...

The Dickson team started strong, but lost momentum and gave up the first year's win to the Dyers. I say it's because the Dyer team snagged my 10-yr old to play with them - he made ALL the difference! Like any friendly sports competition - everyone shook hands and even snuggled in for a group shot at the game's end. Considering no one got hurt and the new year was kicked off with a little excercise and a lot of fresh air - it was a WIN for everyone.
We are looking forward to a happy, health and robust New Year. Can't wait to see what adventures 2011 has in store.


It's Me: Emily said...

Looks like fun! I had a dream about you and the boys the other night. I was so mad at you because you hired a six year old to babysit! haha. Miss you guys!