Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Loving Love Day

Sometimes I love the simple holidays like Valentines Day best, because you can do some fun things without all the pressure and stress that Christmas can bring. My creativity for this year was more like copying...but when you have creative friends, why not? My friend, who by the way has an amazing blog you can check out here (who you may already know, becuase she is getting quite famous in the crafty-blog world) sometimes posts about her homemade lollipops. I gave them a try last year and they were pretty "fool-proof" so this year was round two.
I love this kid. While craftiness is usually lost on boys, this kid is always up for helping me with my newest project. The older boys wouldn't hear of having any other valentines treats besides store-bought NBA cards with store-bought sour licorice sticks attached. But this boy is always ready to humor me and go along with my ideas. So while the little two nap - he's my helper and we have a blast.

We wrapped them up in small plastic treat bags and tied 'em up with a ribbon.
Then for the cards...I remembered a different friend doing a cute thing last year. So, since I'm a creative copier, I started pulling all the ideas together...and...
He was even willing to go along with this next part, which involved a silly photo shoot holding out his fist in front of him.

Then using photoshop to crop and add the lettering, and $.13 cent 4x6 prints at Costco - we added the homemade lollipops and had our preschool Valentine's Day cards.

He was pretty happy with them - can't you tell by the half-smile he had while holding it up? Thanks Bode for always wanting to hang with mom and your help making Love Day lovely!


Leah said...

It was fun to read an update with the Dickson Crew!

I, too decided to "go all out" for Valentine's Day. It was fun!

I think you mentioned your friend's blog a few months back, too and I have been following her ever since. She does amazing crafty things.

Hope you are well friend. Keep in touch!

It's Me: Emily said...

That is such a cute idea! I'm definitely doing that next year! I get so excited every time I see you posted something new!

Jyl... said...

CUTE CUTE!!!! I'm glad you have Bo :)


Ashleigh said...

Mand! First, your craftiness is crazy amazing, I know this is true. Remember the days when our creative juices were poured into pranks, decorating our little apartment, scrapbooking together and BYU homemaking? Well, now we do Valentines and kids rooms. I'm trying to do Justin's room and I need your mad painting skills! He wants Star Wars characters!!! Second, thanks for the props. I'm far from famous, but I'm loving what I'm doing! Third, I'm dead serious about planning a va-cay together. My life is not complete until we get to hang out and catch up on all the years! If we plan far enough in advance, I'm sure we can make it work, even with how busy life is these days!

Carrie said...

Mandy-I'm just in AWE. This is no joke. As I was helping the kids with their lame store bought valentines and feeling like a loser for forgetting to add any candy I thought of you. And was SURE you would do something that would make me feel like a total failure! Good for you! Love this one! I'm so doing it next year.