Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Happy Halloween!

Bo the Lion and Contruction Worker Daddy at the ward Trunk-or-treat activity. Can you tell what Bo is excited about?

All the cousins ready for trick-or-treating. Sketleton - Drew (2 1/2), Raphael Ninja Turtle - Tyler (5), Leonardo Ninja Turtle - Caden (7), Princess - Madison (5), Flower - Brinley (1), and Lion - Bo (2)...What a frieghtful bunch!!

Caden as Leonardo Ninja Turle...remember when mom got to choose the cute little costume the kids would wear for Halloween...yeah, those days are long gone for this boy...but having fun is all that matters!

Bo's favorite part of Halloween night was coming home for homemade doughnuts, cider and best of all the carmel apples.

It was a SWEET Halloween indeed.


Natalie and Boys said...

I made the mistake of letting Corbin choose this year too. I don't know what I was thinking. Next year it is moms choice. The kids look darling. Love Barts beard.