Sunday, November 18, 2007


Fall time means fun...with leaves. And our new (20 year old) home in a classic american tree-spotted suburb has lots of them coming down day after day. Who says Saturday work days are a drag? This crew will have you raked up in no time!


Holly or James said...

Cute boys! They just love playing in leaves huh? Hey, Mandy, why are you in any pictures??? (:

Natalie and Boys said...

The house looks so cute. I love the bay window. Are you having fun with it. I am sure it looks fabulous. The boys are as cute as ever.

Shana said...

Sydney and I love the pictures of the "4" boys (Bart of course makes 4). Looks like you have a lot of fun with the leaves. We too have leaves galore!! Hope your Thanksgiving was fun with your family. We should be down in January, so I will come by and see you all. HOpe you have a great Christmas. Miss you all!!!!