Saturday, December 8, 2007

December 4th - Cole's Birthday

Delivery Day

8: 30 am - Bart and Mandy head
out the door to the hospital but
pause in between contractions for a quick photo.
2:20 - Cole arrives safe, healthy and as sweet as could be.

Caden and Tyler hold their new
baby brother.
Bo greets Cole with a big wet kiss.

The Dickson's. Now a family of 6!!


Liza said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful family. A great gift like you said. Also nice to be able to be home and ready to appreciate the holidays without being pregnant. You might even have a decent schedule by the time Christmas comes. Lack of sleep aside all should be wonderful! Keep us posted, not that you'll have much time for it, but we love to hear.

Holly said...

WOW! What a beautiful family. Congratulations Mandy!

Shana said...

Oh Mandy...he is absolutely beautiful! We are so excited for you, Bart and the boys. You look marvelous as well. HOpe to see you all soon. Enjoy the Christmas with an added Blessing the year.

Carrie said...

Mandy & Bart!!! Congrats to both of you. What a gorgeous group. I've been thinking of you wondering when the big day would be. Happy Birthday Cole..I love the name. Hope you guys find some rest...Enjoy the new arrival. I can't wait to meet him.

Carrie, Sean, Alex & Ian ;)

Jeff, Jyl, Madi, Drew and Brinley said...

What a cute family. Sorry, I haven't been coming around much. I'll do better. I LOVE YOU ~JYL~