Thursday, January 17, 2008

Holiday Magic

From the visit to Santa (sorry for our crew santa)... the family traditions (Mandy with Cade and Bart with Ty showing off our gingerbread houses)... the excitment of Christmas morning (I wonder why we do so much for Christmas when they are thrilled with the simple things...we should have just stopped at the headband and mentos)...
The Holidays are Simply Magical!


Leah DeWerff said...

Mandy, I am so glad that you wrote me back! Looks like Santa sure had his lap full. Are those all the nieces and nephews? I am sure your mom is in heaven with all her grandbabies! Please tell her "hi" for me. I keep in touch with a few people off and on. I keep in touch with Lindsay the most and that seems to be mostly from email every so often and through myspace. She is doing great! Her sister-Erin just had a baby boy on Christmas Eve. I also "keep in touch" with Amy S. through myspace. We hardly communicate, but I check out her space. She is coaching at U. of Missouri. I just recently "found" Nancy and Bob. They live in St. Louis and coach. I also keep in touch with Bea some since she and I went to OSU and she still lives there. She works with OSU Gym. and has a son and daughter. Ionela, Irina, and Mica are all on myspace, so kind of keep in touch with them. Ionela has a son and Irina and Mica are not married. Hmmm, I think that is it. Your boys are truly adorable and it is such a joy to me to be reconnected with you. Please stay in touch!


Holly said...

Those gingerbread houses sure look fancy! (: