Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

We enjoyed the beauty of a White Christmas this year as well as enjoyed all staying the night at grammy and papas house so we didn't have to travel back and forth in the snow and ice. We told the kids they couldn't wake up before 7am...they did pretty good, making it all the way to 6:15 before us adults caved and let the festivities begin.

Stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. They always have been, even as a kid. Our stockings were hand knitted and personalized when we were kids and my mom has continued the tradition for each of our children with their own, special knitted sock. Plus, I guess I just love all the small, wonderful treasures and surprises. Cade was immediately in love with his U of O cap.
Tyler sports his new Portland Trailblazer hat as he digs in his sock for more treasures
While Bo was impressed with his blue spiderman watch, he was focused in on the candy right away. It didn't take him long to get his m&m candycane open.

While we always try to remind the kids that Christmas isn't all about presents, it is always still such a joy to see them so excited over their gifts. Tyler loves games - this one was top on his list. He was also thrilled with his new bakugans, baseball bat and pogo stick.
Cade is fun to give clothes to, because he really does appreciate them, even at age 8. He loved his new winter coat. Especially since he'd been layering up under his raincoat for the past week in all the snow because he had grown out of his old heavy jacket. It was hard to not break open the gift for him early...but all worked out, no frostbite was suffered, and he was very excited with the gift. Other favorites of Cade were his motorized scooter and new bakugans.
Bo can now watch Blazer games like a true fan and scrimmage his brothers as Brandon Roy. He also loved his cowboy gear, pop-up dinosaur book and Kung Fu Panda movie.

From books, to puzzles to boxes and bows - Cole was interested and overwhelmed with all of it.

I guard the camera closely Christmas morning so that I don't end up in any of the shots. I think that may have to become a long enforced Christmas tradition. But even without pictures to prove it, it is easy to believe that my heart was full of joy this Christmas day. I feel like the luckiest and most blessed woman and mom alive. I am surrounded by fabulous family, I have 4 almost 5 beautiful boys that warm my heart, an incredible husband that I love and adore, and a deep love of my Savior and all he is to me and my family. Life, like this wonderful holiday, is truly magical.


ballardfamily said...

What a wonderful family you have. So fun to hear the sweet stories of a great Christmas. It is so exciting to see families together making memories.