Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

...and all through Grammy and Papa's house...
Our crew and the Cowarts joined to celebrate with my parents. We made our way through the snow for the "big" dinner that always happens on Christmas Eve. The kids looked so great all dressed in their Christmas best. The food was wonderful, as always and the usual thrill and excitement filled the air on this night before Christmas.

Cole helping out with the dishes
(he is in his "dishwasher phase" that all my kids have seemed to go through - when the appliance is open or in use, he will be there, removing soiled silverware or scaling his way to the top rack!)

Our Christmas Eve traditions of course include the narration and acting of the Nativity Story. The kids are really beginning to learn the parts and are getting a little posessive of certain casting positions. Cade as Joseph, Madi as Mary.

Brinley as the angel. Bo (very serious about his role) as a shepperd. (As long as his part could include a staff, which is close enough to a "sword", he was game to participate)
Tyler and Drew as Wise Men, our little crawling Cole with the sheep sign on his back, and Baby J as Jesus

The whole cast after the show

This is the only night of the year that the kids are anxious to get pajamas on (since pajamas mean bedtime and bedtime means Santa will be coming) and we wind them down with Grammy reading a Christmas Story and singing Christmas carols. Cade took his turn behind the piano accompanying us with Jingle Bells.
As the kids are all tucked into bed with faces beaming with anticipation, and the house grows quiet after a wonderfully busy day, we are reminded that the MAGIC of Christmas is children. The JOY of Christmas is family. And the PEACE of Christmas is in our Savior Jesus Christ.