Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweatband Man

Cole has a little addiction - to sweatbands! On a daily basis he finds them in his brothers drawers and wears them "his" way. The headbands around the neck and wristbands all up the right arm! He can usually be found this way by 9am every day and if anyone tries to remove them - you'll hear about it! He throws such a fuss when they have to be removed, I will admit that I have let him wear them in public on an occasion or two. The total sweatband count is around 9 or 10. Although they catch more drool than sweat - to Cole they are a necessary part of his daily attire. We all get a kick out of how he acts so normal about it. It's no joke to him - just his daily routine.
While it's goofy and often a pain to pick up the sweatbands from all over the house throughout the day, like any childhood phase, we'll miss it when it's over!

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Coordination Queen said...

So cute. I love the little things boys like to do.

Heather K said...

That is stinkin' cute. I love kids' random fetishes...definitely one for the baby book

Amy Fox said...

John wore a Pirate Halloween costume almost daily until he grew out of it...who says boys don't play dress up? I have to say, I feel it's much more embarrassing bringing a pirate to the store than a few sweatbands would be. Count your blessings. :)