Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a walk in the park

It's a rare thing to have Bart around on Sundays with his church calling as Bishop of our ward, so when it happens, we like to make the most of it. Last Sunday we spent the afternoon walking the trails at Tryon Creek State Park. It brought back memories for Bart (mostly unpleasant ones) as this park is adjacent to the law school he attended here in Oregon (and he used to take study breaks to walk the trails and clear his tired brain!). It was a beautiful Sunday and a great way to spend the day together.

We're not sure what this green, turfy blob was along the trail (sometimes in just don't ask...I think they call it art!) but the boys had fun trying to stand on it and even more fun trying to push each other off it!

Luke, smiling as usual and just enjoying the ride.

Cole was happy since we brought sunflower seeds to eat along the walk. Once those were gone, we exhausted all the leftover diaper bag snacks. Whatever works! On the way back to the car, Bo's legs finally gave out. So Cole went into the pack on Bart's back and Bo rode in the double stroller with Luke - we came prepared with every child-carrying device - and with all our kids...we needed every seat!


Ashleigh said...

Hey, your family is still cute as ever! I really love checking in on you and by the way, Jenna does know how to make cinnatorties. I recently saw Jen. She was in Cali and we met half way just for a few hours. It was fun and we were saying how we HAVE to plan the get-away we've always wanted. Is 2010 our year? I don't care where it is, oregon, colorado, disneyland, whatever. We must start making serious plans or I fear it will never happen :( Lets plan....... talk to you soon.

Leah said...

Cade and I share the same birthday, so I just wanted to wish him a "Happy Birthday!"

btw, I am changing my blog address.

Hope you all enjoyed your summer!

Brooke Romney said...

I LOVE Sundays when my hubby is home. Heaven!