Sunday, November 15, 2009


Introducing our extremely random 2009 Halloween costumes! We tried to convince the boys to go as a basketball team (hence Bart in the referee shirt - he still went with it) or Kung Fu Panda's furious five (but I couldn't find furious five character costumes and I was not quite crazy enough to make 5 of them - almost, but not quite). So we have Ichiro and Griffey Jr., a Power Ranger Police Dog, a cute little Pumpkin and a Duck. But everyone was all smiles. We had a great night trick-or-treating in the clear, crisp fall weather, and finished off the night with our traditional home-made donuts and cider (no pictures of the grub this year).

Luke and cousing Bauer getting a taste of their first Halloween. Cuteness!
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brooke romney said...

congrats for letting go and keeping it simple. They still look positively wonderful!

Rebecca Parker said...

yep, i'm pretty sure the days where my boys let me pick halloween theme are numbered as well...still let me dress 'em every day though in coordinating colors:) my prob is trying to recycle costumes but keep theme goin' without total repeat tour?!