Sunday, November 15, 2009

Preschool Party Time

Bo stressed me out a bit with his costume this year. As most 4 year olds do, he changed his mind every other day about what he wanted to be. We finally settled on a cowboy (or so I thought), which we had an adorable costume of. The morning of his preschool party he refused to wear it...and those who know Bo, know that he is one strong-headed kid. I tried all of my usual tactics to convince this stubborn child of mine, and then decided that a sad cowboy wasn't very cute anyways - so I caved - and we managed to find this Power Ranger police dog costume in the bin that fit - and he was THRILLED! Not that you can tell from his pictures at the preschool party. Remember how I said he was stubborn - that goes for everything, including smiling for pictures. I was just glad that he was happy and very grateful that day for older brothers and hand-me down costumes.

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