Monday, January 11, 2010

A Hawaiian New Year

We spent our New Year enjoying a little aloha this year. Papa and Grammy took us and our 5 boys to their place in Hawaii to enjoy some sun and FUN! There was a little bit of everything in this trip: swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, bodyboarding, water-sliding, sunset-watching, napping, reading, whale-watching, kite-flying, sunbathing, airport-hustling, airplain ride-enduring, and a little bit of relaxing! The pictures say it all.

(Cole catches a ride and finds a way to rest his tired airport legs)

(The "big boys" enjoy a kayak ride with dad in "A" bay)
(a quick family picture (minus Luke who was napping) before taking the 3 oldest to the Kona Village Luau.)

(aboard the catamaran for our whale-watching tour. The camera girl (wonder who that was?) didn't do so hot catching the humpback whales on film, but they were amazing to see up close. Poor Cade and Ty got seasick and were happy when the boat ride ended though.

(windy afternoons at the beach mean kite-flying time!)

(Sunset from Grammy and Papa's lanai)

(The pool totem)






A huge MAHALO grammy and papa for a truly wonderful vacation!


Leah said...

Wow, two posts in a few days!

Hawaii looks wonderful!

How did you do the collages of each boy? So fun. :)

Ashleigh said...

It looks BE-U-TI-FUL! What a treat for the famiy and a fab way to start the new year. You look so cute, and for sure don't look like you have a small baby! Cute as ever. Love the updates on the "crew." How are we going to get Jenn to start a blog?

Amy F. said...

I'm jealous. :) You all look tan and happy. I love the montages of each of the boys. They really look alike. I'm glad you were able to get away as a family and make some memories.

Rebecca said...

Looks like a dream! That's where Dan's parents are right now--I'm so jealous! : )

brooke romney said...

Sounds AMAZING! What a great way to spend New Years!

Shannon said...

How fun! You all look great. Thanks for being such a great hostess to Adam on his visit. He had a great time.

Aspen said...

What a fun way to bring in the New Year! It all just looks so fun, relaxing (can you do that with 5 kids?), adventurous, etc. Your boys are all so adorable!

Rebecca Parker said...

that is our exact destination every other year too with very generous grandparents:) not so sure the whale-watching catamaran was best idea though with way my boys lapped the boat without lifejackets-ugh! my boys aren't so sure they like luau food either...if you get a chance next time, our recent fav was swimming with the dolphins (chartered vs waikaloa village encounter) & we finally made it to the volcanos...never mind the no trespassing sign!?! of course, we're partial to parker ranch, tex's malasadas & akaka falls up north in waimea! glad you got to escape to much nicer than our jan weather in the nowest!

Rebecca Parker said...

forgot to add that i can totally relate to the airport exhaustion as well & i only have 3 boys:) wish us luck trekking around disneyland next mo...

Lu and Bran Muffin said...

This post makes me so excited to have a little fella! You guys are such a fun family!! I miss you all!