Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Things

Where did January and February go? At my house it seems like these months got lost in: tissue that wiped all the snotty noses of kids with colds, late nights soothing tummy aches, baby tylenol bottles to dull teeth-cutting pain, fieldtrips for school, putting together a ward talent show, hectic sports/piano/cubscouts schedules, canning food at the home storage center, cleaning, cooking, helping with homework/book reports/speeches and more cleaning. We fit some new things in too, and even managed to get some of life on camera...

I've Got A New Bugg
Speaking of viruses and bugs...I've got one - a different kind of bugg. This little gadget is helping me shed those extra baby pounds (times 5 babies)! I love this thing! It measures your calorie burn in a day so that you know just how many (or little- if you're like me and don't love or have time to exercise) calories to burn and how many calories you can eat and still lose weight. I think I might actually be addicted to something good for me! I'm posting about it here, so that if I ever get back to where I was, I can look back at my enthusiasm about the bodybugg and rekindle some motivation.

Newest Mural
I got to pull out my dusty paints and help liven up this cute nursery. No, it's not purple and flowers in any room at my house! My sister's friend had the idea of adding a full sized tree to the corner of her baby's room.
I sketched it roughly until we had the scale and general idea right, tested some paint colors until we found just the one, and...up it grew!

She now plans on hanging small frames with pictures from the branches. I can't wait to see it all complete.

A close up of the hightlights and shading that add those perfect finishing touches. It was fun to be an artist for a day.

He's Mobile!
It seems strange that a face this cute could be the cause of so much distruction. Lukers is now officially speed-crawling and in to EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe anymore. But I love this stage when babies are so curious and full of life. If only I could keep up with him.

He Sang!
Bo actally joined his class on stage for his preschool Valentine's Party and sang! Well, moved his mouth anyways, but hey, we'll take it! For a kid who is the celebrity at home, he sure doesn't want to be in front of a crowd. He's still the cutest Valentine there is.
Bo helped me make chocolate lollipops for his classmates and heart-shaped sandwiches filled with strawberry jam and cream cheese for preschool snack. Sometimes creative-craftiness is lost on little boys, and I'm no Martha (or Ashley Rawe) but we try. It brought smiles anyways - at least to my face.

The Final Buzzer Blows on Another Sports Season
Caden's life is sports - he eats, drinks and breaths it - all types and forms. But after this first season of getting to play real city-league basketball, I think he has found a favorite. He tore up the court this season and had a blast. One of the highlights to cap off a great season was getting to play a scrimage during the half-time of the high school game. Our little Lightning Bolts got to line up with the varsity players at the start of the game.

Caden was in 7th heaven playing in front of crowded gym. They announced his name over the speaker (Bart's fantasy that he has lived for since we first found out we were having a boy and in fact the way that we chose all our boy names - by how they would sound over a loud speaker at a sporting event) as he put on his point-guard show that included behind-the-back dribbling. I thought Bart and I would have to buy new shirts since our buttons were bursting so badly! We had to tone down our pride a bit when he came back to sit with us - his head doesn't need to get any bigger! The cutest part of it for me was how excited Tyler was for his older bro. Lots of fun. Then home to bed for an early morning Sat game.

The next weekend (after baseball tryouts were over - whew! On to the next sport!) was the end-of-the-season basketball party. Caden had 2 wonderful coaches (the kind that put all other coaches to shame) who truly loved the boys and shared great memories and words of praise for each boy. The players recieved a framed collage of pictures from the season and a dvd slide show. Little brother Lukers just liked the pizza bones!
Caden watches the slide show of the season complete with Rocky music. He looks like he is in serious reflection - I think just a bit tired from a long day.

Coley has been independently showing interest in the toilet lately- telling me (usually at the most inconvenient times) when he wants to go, and complaining often of a yucky diaper. So, this reluctant mom is it training time?

Reluctance is an understatement. There are not many things I like worse than potty-training. So if there are any pros out there who would like to adopt this 2-yr old and return him in a few weeks "trained", I'm all in. Actually, I'm very proud of my little guy and I'm getting geared up to help him be diaper free...just AFTER our spring break trip to Florida (we only take one thing on at a time in this household)! Keep your fingers crossed for me that perhaps after all the pain and suffering I endured potty-training older brothers, these youngest ones will be a breeze!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you updated your blog! I have been patiently waiting. Can't wait to come home this summer and babysit for you!!

Leah said...

Glad to hear things are well on your end. How did I not know you were an artist? I wish you were closer to do some art in our nursery!

Coordination Queen said...

How in the world do you balance it all? You have the cutest little boys!

Carrie said...

I laughed when you said you named your boys based on what it would sound like on the loud speaker at a sporting event. It's exactly how we came up with "Ian Patrick Kolmer... ON THE TACKLE".

I love boys, I'd take another.

Katie said...

I have a body bugg too and I love it! I'm not as good as I used to be about watching my calories, but with it I lost 15 pounds. Great thing!

Amy F. said...

Mandy, all these posts make me miss you more! You are still accomplishing a lot, as usual. That nursery looks AMAZING. Luke is getting so cute, he looks a lot like his brothers! I would love to see Caden in action. He's already on his way to becoming one of the "cool" athletes at school. :) Good luck with the potty-training. I have no advice, as I only have one boy and he was almost 3 by the time he was finally trained!

brooke romney said...

Thanks for the update. Looks exciting and fun. I love that I can look to you and see what life might be like in a few years. Congrats on the bug, and the beautiful mural!

Ashleigh said...

Mandy, I am looking into this bug thing as I have been counting calories on paper lately. Could I be any more old school? I've got to get with it! The mural is beautiful, your baby is adorable and potty training, well, may the force be with you! I love the updates! Oh and fabulous suckers, you are just as crafty as me, admit it, painter of the year!

Erin said...

Yes, that's how all our boys were names as well...whether their names would be a good sports name! ha ha! Also, my first 2 were SO hard to potty train--I am hoping my 3rd will not be as hard either--but I still have awhile until he is there. Good luck. Cute boys!