Monday, April 19, 2010

Derby Night

The annual Cubscout Pinewood Derby is an event that all little boys (and Big boys) look forward to. This was Cade's 2nd year. He knew a little better what to expect and came with a car prepared to win! Here's Cade and his "pit crew" doing a little last minute adjustements.
Cars loaded on the track, ready to race. Cade's is the UofO car in the middle, not the BYU car, much to his parents dismay...some battles are just not worth fighting.

While not the owner of the winning car, this little competetor did well and had fun!

Another good car built and another year of Pinewood Derby down, only 13 more cars to build and 13 more years to enjoy this event!


Rebecca Parker said...

yeah be glad that bart is friends with chris on FB & not checking your blog:) he would def have a comment re: paint that my lil' sis is dating jake heaps, we will have another battle on our hands come 9/4; however, i'm ready & my boys will be wearing blue & white for the right cougars-after that, all you'll see is purple in the parker house!!