Friday, April 2, 2010

Un-Caging the Animals

On a rare un-scheduled, sunny Saturday in February between basketball and baseball seasons we took our animals to see the animals. It was Bart's first time to the Oregon Zoo - it was hard for him to control his excitment.

Ty and Bo in the Eagle's nest - we told them to get practiced up for when they are in their Eagle Scout nest! Always a teaching moment around here!

A little rat escaped his cage!

The glare off of this bald dad's head is obsuring the photo of the bald eagle behind him

At the elephant look-out. Bart especially loved the smells

Our littlest animal is pooped after a fun day.


Amy F. said...

That was his first time to the zoo?? Crazy. I dragged Jesse a few times. I guess it's true his comments were things like, "The penguins stink!" and "Holy cow, elephant ears are expensive!" But we have to make them do these things sometimes to let them see their kids happy moments. Right? :)

Rebecca Parker said...

Growing up we'd always follow trip to the Ptld Zoo with Rose Garden...prob more exciting for fam o' 5 girls vs boys, which would explain why i've never drug mine up to the tulip fields either-but good memories!