Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting Crafty

My little sister is really crafty and sometimes she lets me in on a fun project. We had both been wanting to make a birthday banner - so we did some blog surfing to find the perfect design to "copy", took a stressful trip to the fabric store together (aren't all trips to the fabric store with kids stressful?), and found an afternoon to craft away.

This was the final product! We were pretty tickled with ourselves. And just in time for a birthday. Oh - what do you know? MINE! And my Ty who I share a birthday with! We just might keep going and make a slew of them for every occasion.


Ashleigh said...

I love the banner! The fabrics are beautiful. I've made paper ones and thrown them away. I think I need to make a fabric one so I can reuse it. I'll have to copy you. :)

shonda said...

I love the banner!!! And, I'm just giggling inside, becuase I think this is so funny, but those pictures of the banner you have on your print out/directions...I took those! That's my house, and I made that silly cake for those photos!!! Looks like you got your directions from Cynthia from Merengue Designs, and she had sent me her banners from Utah, to photo. me.