Friday, July 16, 2010

Stake Youth Trek

Bart and I got a little taste of the rough outdoors as we joined the youth from our church on a Pioneer Handcart Trek. After 3 days of pulling our belongings a total of 18 miles and sleeping under the stars, I can truly say that my appreciation and adoration for my pioneer ancestors has grown tremendously. As did my faith and hope in the next generation - the youth on the trek were amazing! I have never been so impressed with a group of teenagers! They never complained and took on every challenge each day with gusto and spirit. We saw some amazing scenery and ate incredible food (which was the only part of the trek not very realistic - we had a fleet (literally) of cooks who made delicious homemade gourmet food for the group of 350 in an self-constructed outdoor kitchen (water hauled in and everything) - you had to see it to believe it.) Walking mile after mile on the dusty trails in the hot sun gives you a great opportunity to think long and hard about life - I was reminded after this experience about how simple life can be to still be joyous and fulfilling. I have SO MUCH. And because of this experience, I now feel I have so much more.

Me and my cowboy

Our adult cart

The youth were divided into groups of 8-10 per handcart with one girl and one boy per handcart acting as a "ma" and "pa" to simulate family life along the trail. The leaders were bringing up the rear with our adult handcart - which consisted of an amazing group of people I now consider great friends.

There were moments that felt all too real along the trek - like here where one of our wheels buckled (far from anywhere that a car with tools could get to us). So we did it the pioneer way with our homemade "jack" and using pieces of wood off the side of our handcart to reinforce the wheel. With a lot of care (and prayer) our handcart made it through the final day still in one piece!


Anonymous said...

Fun! You look great as pioneers!

Sotutus said...

How fun!! Dave and I did that a few years ago. It was so much fun! It's looks like you had a great time too!

Brooke said...

YOu guys are good looking pioneers.

Ashleigh said...

You guys are the cutest pioneers ever! Seriously, you should go for that look everyday. Ha. No really, if you did, people would follow cuz they'd want to be as cute as you! True dedication to the youth!

Coordination Queen said...

I'm impressed y'all did that!