Sunday, June 5, 2011

Easter 2011

I realized that in my last session of mass-posting, I left out Easter pictures. I wish there was a way to edit the order of your blog posts. I guess it really doesn't matter, only to "obsessive-me" who now has to be bothered that the posts aren't truly chronological. Regardless, we had a wonderful Easter and some really handsome boys that should get posted about, out-of-order or not. Easter is one of those really special holidays, the only "Sunday" holiday, that seems to hold it's meaning and purpose. Sure, we do the candy and egg hunts that the kids love - but I love that my kids seem to truly understand the reason we celebrate. Bo brought home an Easter lesson from preschool the previous week and was so excited to share it with all of his. He did an amazing job of describing the events around the crusifixion and ressurection. We watched "He is Risen" and I showed the kids my pictures of the garden tomb and holy lands from when I went to Jerusalem with my family as a teenager. The loved seeing the pictures and had a lot of questions. It was just an enjoyable, wonderful, peaceful day. And, any Sunday where we get to have our Dad home more is great.
It took some coaxing to get Luke to put down his plastic Egg for a picture...

Finally, the egg is out of the mouth, but a goofy smile replaced it!

Easter basket time. Bo is so easy to buy little gifts for. He loves knights, and dragons and any cool "boyish" figurine...and he is always thrilled with the simplest things.

Luke just wants to the candy of course...

Easter evening up at Grammy and Papa's.

The weather never seems to work out here in Oregon for outdoor egg hunts, but Grammy doesn't let that get in the way...the entire basement is turned into the hunting grounds for her grandkids. Here, the boys have their bags and ready to go.

Cole and Luke find some eggs in Papa's den.

The cousins sang their Primary Easter songs they learned and then tried to hold still for a photo. Talented Grammy made all the girl's dresses!


Amy F. said...

I still can't believe you have FIVE boys! The teenage girls will thank you in a few years for churning out some talented, good looking, sweet ones!!

Amy F. said...

By the way, you CAN change the order of your posts. Go to edit post, click on the post in question and at the bottom left you'll see a blue link called "post Options". Hit that and you can change the date/time. You can even schedule things to wait and post in the future. Cool huh?