Sunday, June 5, 2011


Tyler loves sharing a party with his mom :)
Good thing he got his own too. He partied in the "fast lane" with some bowling and pizza for his 9th birthday. Scheduling his party around Memorial Day weekend is always tricky, but he has some great friends who were sure to be there and made it a fun celebration.

The Birthday Boy

One of Tyler's best gifts is being a good friend. He is such a kind and thoughtful kid. This year he had a speech to write and give for school on "How to Make and Keep a Friend" and he confidently told me - "I don't need much help on this one mom, I know this well."

They came, they bowled, they ate pizza and brownie sundaes, they made a mess, they got hyper and they were picked up by their parents - the mess was left behind! My kind of birthday party. Like I always say, this is my way of saying "Happy Birthday to ME"!


Heather K said...

Hope you had an awesome birthday...I thought about you and texting and it just never happened!!! You and your boys just give me hope in having it all together with a big fam one day :) Love you!