Sunday, August 21, 2011

I finished!

My first solo race was a success. The Helvetia Half Marathon on June 11th.

We finished in just over 2 hours - which I was pretty happy with considering how hilly the course was. My friend and "trainer" (she loves when I call her that :) ) helped show me the ways of preparing. Even with our spotty training schedule - so goes it when we each have lots of young kids and busy hubbys - we felt pretty strong all the way through the race, even picking up our pace for the last mile. Of course we earned ourselves some nice green medals, but the best thing about finishing the Helvetia Half are the free beer and helvetia burgers! I actually DID have a burger (even though it sounds nasty after running 13.1 miles) and it was pretty good!

I ran a half-marathon and acutally enjoyed it! Maybe it will be an annual tradition...maybe :)