Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paino Playing Pair

They still might not say it's their "favorite" extra-curricular activity (or even one they like at all), but my two oldest boys are becoming quite the piano players. Every time a recital comes around, like this one on June 12, they amaze me with their improvement and talent. Speaking of talent - Caden actually signed himself up for the 4th grade talent show at school (without my prodding) to play his recital piece. It helps when your cool piano teacher has you play hip songs like the "Pink Panther" and all the kids get to snap along as you play and think your awesome! Tyler has a real gift for music and always picks up on pieces so quickly. They both do well - and even though liking it was never a requirement anyways - they just might be getting closer to it!

two piano playing peas in a pod

Ty prepares his music book

Caden concentrating so hard...

Thanks Sister Card for being such a wonderful teacher!