Sunday, August 31, 2008

Detroit Lake Campin'

Our annual "Summer Chaos Camping Trip" with friends was a blast this year. We were a little

nervous since we didn't have reservations...but we ended up getting oh so lucky at the Detroit Lake forestry campground (first come, first serve campground) where we got 3 amazing sites right on the lake. We had a wonderful weekend with our friends the Evans, Williams, and Foxes (even though the Carley's were terribly missed this year). We were blessed with the surprise visit from Greg and Michelle Williams and family on Friday who brought their boat for all to enjoy. And of course, tradition held strong with rain on Thursday night (although it was only a light drizzle and more of a threat than anything...we'll take it anytime over past year experiences.)

This was the gorgeous view directly from our picnic table out over the lake to Piety Island. Is Oregon not the most beautiful place on earth?

The kids loved to be able to swim, wade and skip rocks all day long since the water was so close and we were in a safe and shallow little cove.
The water came in handy also for "rinsing off" since Bo was having a hard time staying clean.
This was clean for Bo compared to other times. Thankfully this was chocolate and not dirt or you know what.
Caden looking tough
Tyler intensely playing in the swingball tournament that commenced all weekend.
Cole was good as usual, just hanging out in the stroller
And then there was the "yeddo boat" (that's a combo of "little" and "yellow" - reffering to the beloved yellow inflatable raft that Bo couldn't get enough of)
Whether it was afloat or docked, Bo was the captain of the ship. He would have slept in it if we would have let him.

Bart as first mate. He followed orders as to where to steer the vessel time and time and time again. Bart deserves "Father of the Year" award for how much time he spent at sea with Bo.
The "yeddo boat" was Bo's love and Bart's nemisis, but he was a good sport waving from out yonder.

The crew of kids. Getting a good photo of 15 dirty, tired kids is nearly impossible...but then again, that's one of the things that makes it a "Summer Chaos Camping Trip" and makes it so great. Thanks Evans, Williams (both families) and Foxes - can't wait until next summer!


Celeste said...

I hope you'll be near us, we would love to see you guys and your adorable boys. email us. Miss you guys, take care!