Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Haley's Tag

Answer these 15 questions about yourself on your blog. List 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 Goals, 3 Current Obsessions/Collections and 3 Random/Surprising facts. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

1.Tucking my 4 boys into bed with hugs and kisses, telling them I am the luckiest person in the world to be their mom, knowing we have had a fun day together, that they are safe and happy and finally asleep!
2. Friday Night Date Nights with my husband. Life is busy and all week long we work like business partners, coordinating, delegating, reporting, conquering. But on Friday nights we are best friends, husband and wife, two young kids still in love with dreams as big as life. To Bart, date nights are one of the highest priorities and I am so thankful to him for that. I look forward to it all week. We spend a lot of the monthly budget on babysitting, but he says there's no more important way to spend it. This summer we've had a blast golfing, bike riding, playing tennis, eating out...and sometimes we just hit Home Depot to buy a new lawn mower. It doesn't matter what - Friday night is a must!
3. A shower door. What you ask? Yes, it has been another Dickson remodel project, this time in the master bath. The new shower door took months to get installed. It's a long, frustrating story. But the new frameless shower glass is beautiful (no more corroded, nasty brass frame) and I smile ear to ear each morning when I get to shower in my own bathroom again.

1. My close family knows one of my biggest, that just came true!
2. Having to watch one of my children hurt in any way.
3. That no matter how many dips I do morning and night on the side of my bath, my arms will only grow bigger and bigger.

1. To compete with Bart in a triathlon
2. To some day use my nursing training in a medical mission (church related or not) to a third world country.
3. To survive this season coaching Caden's 2nd grade soccer team (I didn't sign up, but got sweet talked into it by the league coordinator - and my husband is too busy and little help - ahh!)

Current Obsessions
1. Straightening up my oldest two boys beds after they have made them...I know it's awful! They have done so good making their beds every day this summer, but most days I can't resist the temptation to go in after them and straighten out the covers. Don't worry, I compliment them on how well they do and do it without them knowing. I'm just sick and I know it!
2. Good books - I have rediscovered recreational reading (the burn out from reading all those medical books and nursing journals in college is finally a distant enough memory that I actually enjoy reading again). I find myself hurrying to get my work done so I can curl up with a book.
3. Walking - I am on a team training for the Portland to Coast Relay the end of August. I love mapping out routes on mapmyrun.com and trying to shorten my mile time. In my many miles walked this summer I have discovered: 1) that I like speed walking way better than running 2) that I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Random Facts
1. I have door-to-door milk delivery and dry cleaning service. Today was milk delivery day, and I love opening my door early on Tues mornings to two ice cold jugs of 1%.
2. I have no artistic training, but I have found a new love in painting murals. I am preparing to convert the play room into a playing field with a cheering crowd in the grandstands. I'll post pics if I EVER get it done!
3. I have chocolate milk with Hershey's syrup EVERY morning for breakfast. Maybe that's why I can't lose weight! But any diet I go on will have to make room for this daily indulgence.

Now I tag: Amy Fox, Heather Dickson, Leah DeWerff, Shauna Jabusch, and Roxanne Risenmay


Leah said...

My first tag. :) I better get on that! Check out my site and tell me what is on your fridg. :)

Leah said...

I did the tag! Okay, another blog question. How did you add the "Blogs I Love" to your site? I think that maybe why I can't add the cute back grounds. Why do yours not have the blogger icon and mine do? Sorry for all the maintanance questions. I think I messed my up!! Ahhh!

brooke romney said...

So fun to learn all these fun things about you...never pictured you as a hershey syrup gal.

Carrie said...

Mandy! You must tell me about your shower story as Sean and I are getting ready to transform my frosted glass, with rusty gold trimmed shower into a thing of beauty! Tips? Where'd you get your doors? ;)

Hope all is well with you guys. We have a CRAZY month of August but let's plan a date soon! Check out MY blog!!!!

Hugs to you!

Holly or James said...

THat's great that you guys are such dedicated "Friday Date Night"ers. We need to find a babysitter first here in Logan, I suppose, before we can do that.

That's neat that you had the chance to get so much running/walking done this summer. And you're right, Portland IS one of the most beautiful parts of the world. We really miss it!!

Mikael said...

I found your blog on Rebecca webbs blog. I have had fun reading it tonight while we are stuck inside from the snow/ice storm.
me and Derek were just talking today if anyone ever gets milk delivered anymore, and you do! That ROCKS! I need to look into that :)
Your family is cute and you are too. I will have to look at your blog more often.