Friday, August 1, 2008

Diary Queen dirty

Bo provided us a good laugh last weekend during a little summer treat pit-stop to Dairy Queen. He was enjoying his dilly bar so much it showed all over his face and clothes...but don't let it drip on his hands...that would be way too messy! Play the video for a little chuckle. He is such a funny boy.

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Dan said...

So fun! Don't you wish summer would never end?? I like your new blog look and the picture updates! Boys are so fun, eh?

Did you get my message about next week by chance?

Rebecca said...

Sorry, that last comment was actually by me. Opps!

Leah said...

So cute, Mandy! Funny, too!!!

Btw, how do you change your background without having to upload all your "Blogs I Check" people? Whenever I upload a new background it erases all my friend's blogs and I have to add the section and sites again.

Jyl... said...

I love Bo... he is to funny!

Coordination Queen said...

What a funny little boy!

Holly or James said...

HILARIOUS!! That was pretty funny.