Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cute Little Cubs

These pictures were too cute and this activity too fun to pass up the chance to give a shout out to my cute little wolf den. I am a den leader together with another woman and I absolutely LOVE IT! I love the scouting program and I love how cute these wolf cubs are. Especially the one below on the right. (Do they get any cuter than Caden?)
We did this cooking activity with them a few weeks ago to pass off one of their acheivements. It was a hit and a simple little Halloween meal to try with your own kiddies.
Carrot chunks, a dallop of cream cheese and olives sliced in half make for great "edible eyeballs"
Apple slices and slivered almonds go together for some awesome "apple bites"

Hot dogs sliced into long strips can be boiled until they curl...placed on a bun and squirted with ketchup makes for a gross "worms on a bun" look.

What 8 year-old boy isn't thrilled when they find gummy worms frozen in their ice cubes...a "cool" touch for a spooky meal. Lots of fun.

Great job to my wolf den for helping to make it and having no problem gobbling it up.

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Amy Fox said...

Looks like fun! Love the worms. Have you ever made hot dog octopi? (I think that's the plural of octopus).