Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Reggata

While it is a standing 6-year tradition in the city of Tualatin, it was our family's first time at the Annual Pumpkin Reggata - and of course Dad (Bart) had to go above and beyond again. Instead of just watching fellow crazy citizens race around the lake in the center of town in locally grown ENORMOUS pumpkins, he had to be one of them out paddling himself!

Here's Bart before the race - looking as silly as we would let him and boarding his giant pumpkin

Half way around the lake in a tight race with the pirate pumpkin

Nearing the end of the race and really straining. He said it was MUCH harder than it looks. His legs were cramping from intensely trying to hold the slippery pumpkin steady from the inside. And his arms had to do a lot of work with each stroke to get around the giant gourd not to mention the nose of the plane attached.

Here Bart is at the end of the race with his "crowd" of admiring fans! Good job Dad. I love our community for all it's beauty, quaintness and family fun activities. It was a gorgeous fall Saturday and a wonderfully fun way to spend it.


Carrie said...

Oh Mandy. This is hilarious. GO Bart! I have to say I have never heard of such a race but count us in next year. I know Sean will be stoked! ;)

Leah said...

LOL! This is so funny! Who ever thought of making a pumpkin boat!

Rebecca said...

Hey--cute pictures!! Congrats again Mandy! 5 boys! Wow!

Holly or James said...

We sure miss Tualatin! Looks like you guys had fun!