Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Winning Season

Soccer season wrapped up last weekend with a bang. Caden's team, the "Firebombs" (coached by Bart) went undefeated! Bart told them at the beginning of the season that they could dog pile him and soak him with water if they won ALL their games. That was ALL the motivation they needed. They played awesome this season (at 2nd grade, they really started to get it and played REAL soccer) and fought hard for a few wins. In fact, they were behind or tied most of the final game...some of the players started to ask Coach Bart on the sideline, "Can we still dogpile and pour water on you if we TIE?" Bart of course said, "NO WAY - undefeated means all WINS!" And win they did...

It was fun to see the boys work hard together, have fun and learn a lot. I have to give kudos to my amazing husband who stepped in last minute to coach when the original coach took a job transfer. Bart truly does it all and does it well with a lot of heart. While he was known as the "loudest" coach in the league (big shocker huh?) the boys loved him, parents expressed huge amounts of gratitude and I continue to be amazed at just how much the man can fit into his busy schedule. We love you Dad, Coach, Bishop Bart!
Tyler had a great season as well playing with his 1st grade team, the "Jedi Warriors". When competetive Caden would try to give constructive critisim to Tyler before games, Ty would simply answer, "my coach just cares about having fun". Winning wasn't a common occurence this season for the Jedi's but they had FUN and sure looked cute doing it!


Leah said...

Way to go Dickson crew!