Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Traditions

There are some things that just make the Holidays feel "right". And no matter how old you get, you never outgrow or become tired of. Some of those include:

Cutting down the perfect Christmas Tree

One of the greatest things about living in Oregon, is the abundance of tree farms. The local farm that we love for every season (from Summer berries, to fall pumpkins, to Christmas trees) is only 5 minutes away. This wasn't really OUR tree - we had already scouted out the perfect tree, cut it and loaded it on the trailer when we realized we never got a this is one along the roadside that is posing as our tree. Our tree smells wonderful in our house and looks great all decorated for Christmas.
Visiting Santa Clause
Getting all dressed up in the season's best and getting a photo with Santa in exchange for a candy cane (from Santa) and hot chocolate and cookies (from mom or Grammy) never gets old. Well, I know that I only have a short time left with my oldest boys going along with this tradition, but until the scream and protest...we will keep going. It seems every year for the past little while I have had a little one who was not too sure of the bearded man in the funny hat!

Ty gets to talk to Santa about his Christmas wish list
Cade gets his turn telling Santa what he wants for Christmas
Candy Day with Mom and Sisters

My sisters and mom and I do a cookie exchange and get together to make Christmas candy each year. Then we have tons of holiday treats to eat and give away throughout the season. We always have a blast together as the little cousins (the ones not in school) play and entertain each other close by. This year my incredible mom surprised us with a fun gift of homemade, matching aprons to wear while we cooked up our goodies. I am so lucky to have "my girls" (mom/sisters/best friends) close by!



This is Dawn Young...I found your blog and just wanted to congratulate you on the little bun in your oven. Tell Bart hi from us.

ballardfamily said...

What a great family you have. Very cute pictures!

Jodi Simon said...

that is wonderful and fun. how blessed we are for great times with our families. your family is sure handsome!

brooke romney said...

Looks like the holidays treat you well. I LOVE that you get to cut down your own cool is that? And your aprons are fantastic!