Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Fun Turning One?

Cole had his 1st birthday on the 4th of December, but he also had a nasty cold. He spent the whole week leading up to his big day coughing, sneezing, puking, etc. After fighting if for long enough and showing no signs of getting better - we finally made the trip to the doctor. The visit wasn't any too soon as we learned he was getting a case of pneumonia - poor little guy. So needless to say, his 1st birthday won't go down in the books as one of his best. Good thing we had already had a celebration with his Grammy and cousin Drew (who's birthdays are the day before Cole's) the weekend prior before all the gunk hit him!

Cole opening gifts with lots of help from brothers and cousins

The birthday boys and "girl" / Cole gives Grammy a big birthday kiss

We also combined the birthday bash with our annual Silliman family gingerbread house night. With homemade gingerbread by grandma and tables all set up with goodies and trimmings in the "cultural hall" (actually it's the indoor gym at grammy and papa's house that comes in handy for EVERYTHING fun) we made some great houses. Well, some were better than others (sorry Bart) but the memories were ALL kinds of wonderful. The whole group working away on their masterpieces

Tyler, Bo and Cade looking proud of their houses
Nothing quite shows brotherly love like a little torture with frosting


Coordination Queen said...

Poor baby. I hope he is feeling better now. That is so fun that y'all get together and make lots of gingerbread houses.

Leah said...

Fun, making Gingerbread houses! Every year, I think how fun it would be to make one and then I don't!!