Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let it Snow...more

In the last post I said that we would enjoy the snow as long as the power didn't go out. Well...later that same night we were in darkness! Luckily not for too long. The boys were thinking it was fun. I was a little nervous as we approached bed time and worried about how cold the house would get without any heat. Not too long after all the lanterns, flashlights, candles and of course headlamps were all rounded up and we played some games by the light of Bo's "sword" (flashlight) we were back in the wonderful world of electricity.

Monday's official measurement was 15-16 inches. And don't worry, more is still expected. It just keeps coming!

These branches from a tree in our yard are normally so high up that we never notice them, but with the weight of the snow and ice, they are only feet from the ground!

Trampline jumping has been put on hold for now! But we are finding this December snow amazing and beautiful. Come on over to play in it with us!


Holly or James said...

Isn't all that snow CRAZY!? WOW!

Jodi Simon said...

we had some good fun as well and lost power for 4 hours. i am glad to have enjoyed it, and now glad to be able to drive without chains. that is sure a slow go. :o)

Megan and Craig said...

Hey guys, I found your blog off of Molly's. Thanks for the Christmas update, you guys are so busy! We didn't get our cards out this year due to sick kids, but we wanted to say congrats on the new little guy coming. You will have more boys than us now, quite a feat!
Love, cousin Megan & family